members of LOOΠΔ;

Aside from Vivi, the point of this website, there are 11 other members of the group. So, here is a short introduction of each member, in order of release:

HeeJin (희진)

Unit: LOONA 1/3
Animal: Rabbit
Color: Bright Pink
Solo Song: ViViD

The first member introduced, she was also featured in an alternate version of Singing In The Rain, Jinsoul's solo song. She likes animals despite being allergic to fur and afraid of birds.

HyunJin (현진)

Unit: LOONA 1/3
Animal: Cat
Color: Yellow
Solo Song: Around You

The second member, she is infamous for her liking of bread. She often mentions she wishes to be in an earring commercial. She is often seen with Heejin, but seems to be more reserved.

HaSeul (하슬)

Unit: LOONA 1/3
Animal: White Bird
Color: Green
Solo Song: Let Me In

The third member, she is the leader of both LOONA as a whole and the 1/3 subunit. She appears to look out for the other members, particularly when newly introduced. She can also speak English.

YeoJin (여진)

Unit: none (formally thought to be LOONA 1/3)
Animal: Frog
Color: Orange
Solo Song: Kiss Later

The fourth member and the youngest (currently 15). She is said to be the / in LOONA 1/3 however appears to not be in it herself. This seemed to be to allow her to focus on school.

ViVi (비비)

Unit: LOONA 1/3
Animal: Deer
Color: Light Pink
Solo Song: Every Day I Love You

The fifth member and the oldest. For more information, see her profile!

Kim Lip (김립)

Animal: Owl
Color: Red
Solo Song: Eclipse

The sixth member, and the leader of ODD EYE CIRCLE. She is close friends with Chuu, since they went to school together. She is said to go to bed at 10pm whenever possible, and always gets up at 6-7am.

Jinsoul (김립)

Animal: Blue Betta
Color: Blue
Solo Song: Singing in the Rain

The seventh member, and the first known member of LOONA/ODD EYE CIRCLE due to appearing in Every Day I Need You. She seems to be an incredibly confident dancer, and is known for her expressiveness.

Choerry (최리)

Animal: Fruit bat
Color: Purple
Fruit: Cherry
Solo Song: Love Cherry Motion

The eighth member, and youngest member of LOONA/ODD EYE CIRCLE. Choerry considers herself inseperable from her positivity. Ironically, she doesn't like the taste of cherries.

Yves (이브)

Unit: LOONA/yyxy
Animal: Swan
Color: Burgundy
Fruit: Apple
Solo Song: new

The ninth member. She was the first revealed member of LOONA/yyxy and also its leader. When first introduced, she was painfully shy, but is confident on and off the stage these days.

Chuu (츄)

Unit: LOONA/yyxy
Animal: Penguin
Color: Peach/coral
Fruit: Strawberry
Solo Song: Heart Attack

The tenth member, and one of the loudest members! Chuu is always bright and full of energy, and is very popular because of this. Her MV is well loved because of its portrayal of romantic feelings towards someone of the same gender.

Go Won (고원)

Unit: LOONA/yyxy
Animal: Ulysses butterfly
Color: Eden green
Fruit: Pineapple
Solo Song: One&Only

The eleventh member and LOONA's 'princess', Go Won has a uniquely presented MV in that it mostly has a vertical aspect ratio. She is a big fan of another Kpop group, Oh My Girl, and likes playing Nintendo in her spare time.

Olivia Hye (올리비아 혜)

Unit: LOONA/yyxy
Animal: Wolf
Color: Black (possibly grey)
Fruit: Blood plum
Solo Song: Egoist feat. Jinsoul

The final member, arguably the darkest in terms of concept. The youngest of her unit, and because of this is often referred to as 'baby wolf'.