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Hello, to anyone who bothers clicking this link! I'm Cheren, I actually run another site on this platform. See if you can find it, if you didn't find this site from that! This will only be short, I'm not the main focus after all!

I am quite obviously a big fan of ViVi, she is the reason I got into LOONA. ^_^ I personally think she is incredibly beautiful, and her voice stands out to me. I made this site after seeing how...awkward to find older photos of her is. I personally think her predebut content is just as important as her content found now, but to find many of the photos you had to dig, or you would see one image in a post without it being linked to the rest. So, a collected website was my solution. But then, I realised that while not as difficult to find, I can't find much of a guide to only one specific member of the group. So, this little project was born. I hope you enjoy it as much as I am making it!

While ViVi is my absolute favourite, I would say I particularly like Haseul and Olivia Hye too. That's not to say I dislike any of the members though! Songs-wise, my favourites are Every Day I Need You, Singing in the Rain, ViViD and Egoist. It's difficult really to prioritise ones over others though, I like ViVi and Jinsoul's songs differently since they're so difficult to compare! In general, I tend to gravitate towards LOONA 1/3 though.

Thank you for reading!